Management of Environmental and Social (E&S) aspects is vital to deliver economically sound investments that have long-term value for our stakeholders and shareholders. Berkeley Energy is committed to ensuring that investments do not adversely impact the local community and the environment and have lasting E&S benefits. Integrating E&S in our business model allows us to adapt to a changing environment and society standards.

E&S management is undertaken by our in-house E&S Managers through in-depth diligence on the environmental, social, health and safety criteria of each of our investments during the investment appraisal process. Our well-structured Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) ensures that we maintain compliance with our standards. We monitor E&S performance through regular site visits, discussions, reporting, tracking and capacity building. Upon exit, we ensure that our investee companies have an ESMS in place that not only ensures risks and opportunities will be managed in the future but also prides us with a positive reputation of delivering good sustainable projects.

Our Commitment

We and our investee companies will always respect human rights.

Responsible Investor

We always comply with the law and achieve best practices wherever possible.

Our Approach

We provide the strength of skills and experience to mitigate the potential impact of our businesses on the environment, workers, communities and society.

We are dedicated to empowering lives and positively impacting communities through ongoing engagement and consultation.

Trees for the Future in Philippines

Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems Inc (PHESI), a wind farm located in the island of Mindoro, Philippines, is paving the way with their “Trees for the Future” program. In collaboration with the Indigenous People, located within the vicinity of the project, PHESI will plant 100 trees for every 1 that is cut. Through the site established tree nursery, trees indigenous to the area which have economic or medicinal value to the local community, are being cultivated and then transplanted.

Scholarships in Uganda

The Achwa Hydro project located in northern Uganda is providing scholarships to 30 poor and vulnerable girls considered “at risk”. The full scholarship covers the secondary school costs, provides all materials and a uniform. The project maintains this program through continuous communication with the students on their grades, wellbeing and engagement with parents.

Employment in Ghana

African Plantations for Sustainable Development, APSD, a biomass project in central Ghana in the Brong Ahafo province, has a huge impact towards the theme of gender equality. APSD employs over 600 workers with a 50:50 gender balance, bringing more economic independence to the community.

Water filtration system in India

According to UNICEF, the World Bank has estimated about 21% of communicable diseases in India are a result of unsafe drinking water and about 1,600 deaths are reported daily from diarrhoea. The Panama Group operates our wind farms in Maharashtra, India. Under their Panama Blue Initiative, Panama Group has provided a water filtration system to the local orphanage within the vicinity of the wind farms. The initiative provides 100 orphans access to clean water.

How Do We Connect?

We recognise that an open dialogue with stakeholders is critical for long-term value creation of any project. Berkeley Energy has worked with our Investee Companies to foster interactive communication and accountability by establishing a Grievance Mechanism System to receive feedback.

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