Achwa 1 is a 42MW run-of-the-river hydropower project located in Northern Uganda, in the districts of Pader, Gulu, and Kitgum, along the Achwa River. The project is under construction and is expected to be completed in Q1 2021.

The project has a design flow of 100m3/s, gross head of 54.4m, a 15m weir comprising 6m high radial gates, a 4.4km headrace channel, a 200m long steel penstock and four vertical Francis turbines supplied by Voith under an electromechanical EPC contract. The project’s estimated annual generation output is 193GWh.

A community development program is underway including job creation, provision of medical supplies to local clinics, sponsorship of school fees for girls from the local community, and remediation of boreholes.