Africa Plantation for Sustainable Development (APSD) is a 60MW biomass project located near the Atebubu town, Brong Ahafo Province in Central Ghana, on the western side of Lake Volta, some 400km north of the capital city of Accra. Since 2007, APSD has secured and is developing a large concession of up to ca. 42,000 hectares, divided into four individual Stool Traditional Councils.

The project is growing eucalyptus as a biomass fuel, with approximately 9,000 hectares established out of a required 21,500 hectares with the rest of the area, inter alia, given to conservation, riparian areas, rehabilitation and for use by local people for sustainable farming. It is expected that construction of the power plant will commence in Q4 2018 and take up to 36 months. The project will own both the plantation and the power plant, creating an integrated fuel supply. Associated facilities are the access roads and the 22km 161KV transmission line.

The project employs 800 people currently in a severely impoverished part of rural Ghana, has significant environmental and social benefits in an area which has in the past been decimated by slash and burn farming practices.