Isabela Power Corporation (“IPC”) is developing two small run-of-river hydro projects, totaling 33MW, located in the Province of Isabela in Luzon, Philippines. The Projects are located on the same river, with the first project farthest downstream with a capacity of 19 MW (“IPC 1”) and the second project having a capacity of 14 MW (“IPC 2”). IPC 1 is in early construction stage, with initial works such as the access roads already underway.

IPC 1 is designed with a 31.2-meter high weir, providing a net head of 30 meters. Three 6,333 kW double regulated vertical axis Kaplan turbines will provide up to 19MW of generating capacity. IPC 2 is envisioned to have a weir structure with a height of 28 meters, producing a net head of 29.6 meters. Power will be generated by three regulated vertical axis Kaplan turbines, each having a capacity of 4,666 kW.

As both projects are located within the ancestral domain of the indigenous Agta community, the project is providing livelihood assistance and scholarship grants to the indigenous people community.