Philippines Hybrid Energy Systems Inc (PHESI) is the owner-developer and operator of a 48.0MW wind power project located in the Province of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. The first phase of the project is composed of 8 units of Gamesa G90 (2.0MW) turbines with a combined 16.0MW generating capacity, an access road, a substation, a 7.5km long 69kV transmission line, and a metering station which was completed mid-2019 and achieved commercial operations in Q3 2019.

The project adds a substantial renewable energy source to an island grid heavily dominated by diesel-based electricity supply. A hybrid expansion of the project is underway, with a 6.0MW/6.0MWh Battery Energy Storage System under construction to complement the operating plant (COD expected in Q3/2020) and an additional 10.0MW of wind power to begin construction in 2021.

Situated within the ancestral domain of the Mangyan tribe of indigenous people, the project co-exists with the indigenous people community and provides them a livelihood programme in the form of maintaining a tree nursery and tree plantation. ”