PHESI – Wind – Phillippines

Philippines Hybrid Energy Systems Inc (PHESI) is a wind power project located in the Philippines, Mt. Paitan, Barangay Tabinay, Puerto Galera Province of Oriental Mindoro, Mindoro Island. The location of wind tower generators is within the Mangyan ancestral domain, being approximately 3.5km away from the nearest receptor, high on a ridge line. PHESI will construct and operate 8 units of Gamesa G90 wind turbines, consisting of a three-bladed structure and wind-facing rotor type with a nominal power of 2.0MW per unit of wind turbine. The project includes an access road, a substation and a 69kV transmission line of approximately 7.5km and is in the final stages of construction.

The project is a meaningful addition to the island grid of Mindoro which is almost entirely diesel based. The project is capable of being expanded under its current permits. PHESI employs local indigenous people on a significant local hard wood tree planting programme which has so far planted in excess of 40,000 new trees.